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A Robbie Parrish Production

Ray Younkin’s

“Alone In Paradise”

by John McNerney | John in Houston PR

Press release Alone in Paradise

[March 8, 2024 | HOUSTON, TEXAS] Texas based Songwriter/Performer Ray Younkin has accumulated a twenty-year portfolio that as Ray describes it “reflects both a younger me and at the same time reveals an evolvement over the past twenty years. This album engulfs me with complex, raw emotions as these compositions capture an era as well as cross a chasm of time.”

Over that span of time Ray penned the sixteen songs presented on his new album having recorded them in southern Texas with noted engineers Andy Bradley, Steve Christensen and John Griffin as well as with sonics expert and executive producer Robbie Parrish. All of the recordings were engineered at the world famous SugarHill Studios in Houston and at Parrish’s 6425 Belmont Museum Studio. Mastering was handled by Mark Hallman at Cedar Creek Studio in Austin, Texas.

“Alone in Paradise” is a sixteen track compilation that captures the very essence of Younkin’s songwriting abilities as well as his laid back yet commanding performance skills. The title track, track four, “Alone in Paradise” is a prime example of sampling a sound and feel that is reminiscent of the late Gordon Lightfoot and the modern troubadour style of Bruce Springsteen. Track eight “Nashville” is a unique up tempo presentation that spotlights the dreams and aspirations of a young enthusiastic artist attempting to make his mark. It’s a toe tapper that showcases Younkin’s abilities as he delivers poignant lyrics along with a strong, steady supporting rhythm on his six string. Track ten “If Your Memory Serves You Well” delivers a remarkable remembrance of one’s life as presented to the person left behind as told from a metaphysical presence point of view. Touching indeed as it hits the mark on both messaging and tone.

Overall Ray’s newest album presents sixteen submissions and there’s not a clunker among them. Should you wish to interview Ray to learn even more please contact John in Houston at (832) 916-7716. Station IDs recorded and transmitted digitally within twenty four hours. All songs ASCAP, all rights reserved.


1) Rescue Me 4:23

2) Troubled Eyes 3:06

3) If Heaven Only Knew 4:47

4) Alone in Paradise 4:19

5) This Must Be Love 5:23

6) Your Superman 3:59

7) You Sure Can Sing The Blues 3:49

8) Nashville 5:07

9) Sunshine 3:09

10) If Your Memory Serves You Well 5:07

11) Wild Ocean 4:07

12) Rainbow Girl 3:35

13) Daddy’s Corvette 4:40

14) They Look Like You 3:46

15) America’s Sky 6:27

16) Today’s on Me 4:17

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